Dec. 15, Weizhen Tang v TD Bank

Dec. 15, Weizhen Tang v TD Bank


Court of Appeal for Ontario

130 Queen Street West | Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N5

416-327-5025 |


File No. C63851








Appellant/ Defendants


– and –









Weizhen Tang and Hong Xiao
17 Silk Court Richmond Hill
Ontario, L4B 4A4
Tel: (416)886-8715
Self represented


The appellants will make a motion to the Court of Appeal for Ontario on a date to be fixed be registrar to be heard, at 130 Queens Street West , Toronto .

PROPOSED METHOD OF HEARING: The motion is to be heard (choose appropriate option)

□in writing under subrule 37.12.1 (1) because it is (insert one of on consent, unopposed or made without notice);

in writing as an opposed motion under subrule 37.12.1 (4);

X orally.


Panel judges to review order and endorsement of Justice Roberts J.A. (In Chambers) dated on August 11. 2017 for Extension of Time for perfecting our appeal ,

I believe that the counsel and judge on the other side cannot say our appellant has no or little merits unless my counsel says so.

The opposite counsel and the judges always say that our appeal has no merits so we need our own counsel and constitutional rights

Order request

Order to access the fund held in court for the appellant to retain counsel

order a trial to avoid conflict interest and

allow extend of time to perfect appeal.


THE GROUNDS FOR THE MOTION ARE (specify the grounds to be argued, including a reference to any statutory provision or rule to be relied on).

We are victim of malicious prosecution and wrongful conviction and judgements over 8 years .

There are Approximately 30 judges and 80 Lawyers and from OSC, the crown attorney , TD Bank and court appointed law firm attacked us and destroyed the name, lived and business and defences of the appellant ,Weizhen Tang, the reputation, livelihood and defence all gone since march 12, 2009 OSC investigation. They are all “armed” and trained to attack ordinary citizen.


The appellants have no intention to act in person or be self-represented, but to be represented in court so judges could not give all of our money, assets and charter of rights and freedoms away, the judges repeatedly made errors and committed injustice.

Judges and Justices in all Ontario level courts infringe my rights and freedoms and never listened.

TD Bank act wrongfully so did all other counsels and judges all because I do not know the law and do not have friends in the law society.

I seek absolute honour in the judicial system , but nowhere to find in the courts of Ontario, even Supreme Court of Canada.

The default judgements and judgements are insecure and business related, no personal guarantee or guarantors, those of small or tiny port of all the judgement against me because I could not access our own money and assets and could not afford a lawyer.

The panel needs a serious consideration of all the previous judgments and extra ordinary remedy and excellent case law could be made to serve the interest of Justice and the interest of the public.

It may hurt and help the judicial system.


THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE will be used at the hearing of the motion: (


Appeal Books and compendiums, exhibit books, factum of the appellant and affidavit of the appellants and fresh evidence and book of authorities


August 15, 2017

Weizhen Tang and Hong Xiao
17 Silk court
Richmond Hill
Ontario L4B 4A4


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