Canada has no law and is a lawless country

Canada has no law and is a lawless country

I gave a speech in the court of appeal for Ontario today


I spoke in the court today and the responding lawyer did not speak. I told the panel of three justices why I cannot represent my own company, Overseas Chinese fund Limited Partnership, I was the owner, general partner and limited partner and majority shareholder. The law did not say that someone  run a company which must have or be represented by a lawyer and a law firm. Once the company has a problem with the government, Who has the right to retain a lawyer to represent the company, it is the boss, the owner or the judge, what is the criteria for the judge to hire or appoint a lawyer. The Chair of the Panel said judge do not retain lawyer, I repeatedly told the chair why the superior court appointed lawyer without my knowledge, authorization and permission. who does the court appointed lawyer work for, for me, the boss, or for the court, for the lawyer himself, the court appointed the lawyer use the name or under the name for investors, the fact is 100% for itself or themselves,

Why do a lawyers could use other people or opposing party’s money to defend their own illegal behavior and conduct, don’t spend money or retain lawyer for their allegation and they charge the opposing party. When judges do something for me, for the public, how the court guarantees us, the public interest, the security of cost, only ask us for cost of security to pay law firm, judges only give lawyers , the law firm money, help them making money, when does a judge give the public money? The fact that I did not win today is expected. This is a fact that has proved for years that the judge will not let a person win without a lawyer or a lawyer firm to win. I didn’t spend money to hire a lawyer so there was no pressure and it was a blow to them. Even they win on paper, they lose money. There is no money for them to earn. Even I lose on court paper and win or save. I have the opportunity in court and get experience. I will be able to have evidence to attack the judicial system

Most of the Canadian court room news is false. The judges use their fictional heads to make news. Canada is the common law country that means judge is the law and Canada has no law. The judges are the law. It is lawless. Most of cases are one-side story, fake news. The court is for the benefit of judges and lawyers, give people a fine 0f hundreds of millions is to mislead and deceive the public. the CEO and Chairman of SINO-FOREST INC. and other judicial victims will have no economic loss. The financial loss of billions of investors is caused by Ontario securities Commission and courts. It does not matter that the court fined him billions or billions of billions, the court make the number big and news sensational


  • I strongly believe that the justice industry and judicial system wanted me so badly, they wanted to totally destroy me and my wealth and make me infamous by any means, they do not care the Canadian law and the Canadian Constitution Act, the Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms, do not care if the conduct bring justice into disrepute because  nobody know, nobody watch, nobody care, people scare of the judicial system and justice industry .
  • Dozens of OSC Counsels and crown attorney and judges attacked me like ‘Please God, make it stop!’ British female journalist, 21, describes horrific sexual assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square after election result. Natasha Smith attacked by a ‘group of animals’ who stripped her naked.
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  2. I was legally naked since OSC started investigation, up to today this procceedings.

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