Investing  in The Chinese Warren Buffett

Investing  in The Chinese Warren Buffett

Investing in The Chinese Warren Buffett is one of the safest for your capital,  he know how to uses the capital the most efficiency and effectively, his investment is always the most liquid  and  return stable  and high which is  the slogan called 1% per week, or the king of 1%,  investment any size, any way and anywhere make 1%.

That is the dream of all investors and the goal pursued by any investor. This is why investors have invested in Weizhen Tang  since 1996, especially the Chinese in Toronto, Canada and the Chinese in Texas, USA , Those  are the most smart and real investors, not greed. They are top-notch successful people  and elites in their own fields who are definitely not fools and greedy people. The Chinese Warren Buffett once set off two big investment climaxes in North America. The first climax was that the investment by trading mutual funds short term which were blocked by banks in 1997. The second climax was blocked by Ontario Securities Commission,  just as the United States is trying to stop Huawei and blocked Huawei and destroy Huawei, Canada arrested Huawei CFO. Wanzhou Meng.

Mr. Tang thought that he will be back big time and the wildfire could not be burned the all the grass, the spring breeze will flourish the grass and new grass will born again, and the fire of the stars could poke the original. Don’t beat it, and he couldn’t help it.

The Chinese Warren Buffett’s lawyer once said that “investors believe in  Mr. Tang  ”.

First, who is Weizhen Tang?

Who is Weizhen Tang?  Weizhen Tang is The Chinese Warren Buffett “. My Buffett  Way to the Wealth”, a self-reported monograph, was first published by the Economic Daily Press , Beijing 2006 and the book called “ The Chinese Warren Buffett” was  recently published by AUSTIN MACAULEY PUBLISHERS, a famous publishing house in London, England, with detailed introductions and discussions about the Chinses Warren Buffett. Baidu Encyclopedia wrote this: “The Chinese Warren Buffett, won the Best Trustworthy Award of China’s Top Ten Financial Intelligence Persons in 2008, and the ” Chinese Warren Buffett” declared by the media, who successfully predicted the US real estate subprime mortgage financial crisis, the Tsunami  and brought a revolution to the Chinese investment community. The impact is the iconic “Chinese symbol” in the world financial field. It is also a typical representative of the wealthy Chinese in the overseas Chinese. Weizhen Tang Financial Group was banned to trade  securities due to alleged violations. “The Ontario Securities Commission has found a batch of Chinese businessmen at the time of the financial tsunami as scapegoats.  People recalled that the US judicial authorities used the Chinese national bank in New York, USA as a scapegoat. A community bank in Chinatown, New York, was prosecuted by the federal prosecutor in 2015 and became the only bank indicted after the 2008 US financial crisis.  US Banks and financial institutions were too big to fall,  GouBao National Bank is small enough to go to jail Abacus: Small Enough to Jail. Now that Huawei is high tech company and has grown  fast overseas, the United States has used the national power to kill ZTE and now Huawei to save themselves.

Now, We are the Chinese who are under attack by Western leaders and politicians!  The most sinful and criminals are  Wall Streeters, lawyers and judges who are the most guilty of crimes in the United States and Canada. The United States and Canada are paradise for those greedy  banks and courts criminal.  They exploited, oppressed and plunder the property of the people of the Third World and the people of the world.

Weizhen Tang  had been wrongfully convicted and falsely imprisoned for 6 years and become much popular .  OSC and Ontario Courts actively made The investors of the Chinese Warren Buffett  shamed and suffered huge losses  right before the market rebounded in March 2009.

Since the entry into the Canadian judicial system and the criminal world, The Chinese Warren Buffett has actively studied the Canadian justice industry and  self represented practice in the court.

We,  the Chinese and Chinese investors will never give up. If we want to develop and survive overseas, we must not rely on the will of others. We have to rely on ourselves and Weizhen Tang is taking  the lead.

Second, The Chinese Warren Buffett’s business, what kind of service does the company provide?

The Chinese Warren Buffett Company is a financial investment consulting and financial engineering  company. It was registered in Ontario, Canada in February 1997. The 22-year-old company has a very high reputation. Everything the Chinese Warren Buffett does is transparent, there are always bank transaction records, it has court records too, and there is no secret or concealment.  To invest in The Chinese Warren Buffett company is  Relatively safe and reliable.  The Chinese Warren Buffett is able to Create wealth for investors and protect their property around the World. The Chinese Warren Buffett always insists on the fee policy  that if he does not make  money and there is not charge, it does not like what Canadian  lawyers and the court do. His  investors are free to come and go, no restriction  and the interests of his investors are always put in the first place.

The Chinese Warren Buffett’s business:

1, Mutual fund  and exchange traded fund trading in their own investment banks or brokerage account, US stock consulting, foreign exchange trading,  always targeting 1% return target per week, annual return of 52%.  The profit share is 25% for the company/75% for investors  and investors are in the big picture and first.

  1. Property management to increase rental income, monthly rental income by 4%, 48% per year for the owner.
  2. Investing in short-term rental houses, investors rent a house for less than 10,000, 10 houses for less than 100,000, 100 houses for less than 1 million, we fight guerrilla war with the corrupt government so that investors’ capital safe, monthly return and paid to 8%, investors’ capital preserved, make fixed return 48 %  a million dollars earned 480,000, a 48% return per year, money paid whenever received from guests , what happened if you are foreigners without paying taxes , is a huge opportunity and wealth creation.
  3. Concierge management service for short-term & vacation rentals (like AirBnB) . If you own a house we take care of everything for you and you will have share 75% of short term rent, the money will directly deposited into landlord or account and 25% goes to The Chinese Warren Buffett  and his company account.

5, to rent a house for short-term together and joint management, according to the proportion of rent, the profit is equally divided.

6, legal consulting and management, managing your litigation, the parties pay all their own expenses, wins according to the protection of property and economic value 25/75. The parties do not invest, do not pay legal fees, win the lawsuit property 50/50.

7, Chinese companies and private companies listed overseas financing and continuous development consulting, ideas and programs, financing accounted for 20% of the shares, responsible for investment and financing accounted for 50% of the shares. Third, why invest in The Chinese Warren Buffett and The Chinese Warren Buffett Company?

Weizhen Tang has a wide range of knowledge and experience and expertise. The Chinese Warren Buffett is well known and very highly reputable.  He always put the interests of investors first and he is so well known that he will not run and  hide, he has nowhere to go but to work for investors, Investors know that their investment to the Chinese Warren Buffett are safe, reliable, he does not only understand business, understand finance, but also understand the law and justice and know how to fight in court  and he has  rich Canadian experience. He has a good heart, has his own  thoughts and investment theory, has very good investment ideals, he is ambitious , has  courage, he is a good people, good heart, and strong ability.

Fourth, investing in The Chinese Warren Buffett and the company’s benefits and returns

The benefits of investing in the Chinese Warren Buffett and the company are many. First, safety and security of the investors’ capital are the most important. The Chinese Warren Buffett and the company have  everything  for investors excluding Ontario investors. Investing in The Chinese Warren Buffett could be under their own names, renting a house by their own name , everything can also be transparent in their own name. The regulated industry has legal guarantees. The Chinese Warren Buffett  knows very  well about  North American securities industry,  the North American financial markets and laws and justice  and has extensive market and Canadian and North American society and practice experience. No matter what investment he does he will make 50% annual return, continuous and stability, never flicker, when it comes to doing it, today if he will not be done  he could do it tomorrow, he will compensate investors in the end.

Fifth, investing in the safety of The Chinese Warren Buffett and the company The Chinese Warren Buffett is a famous financial entrepreneur, a public figure. He is particularly sensitive to money, pays attention to its safety, liquidity of funds, volatility, transparency and integrity and he did very well in the past. He is a chromatic leader who can’t be met. After so many years’ practice, he  passed  the test.  The test of  good character. He  fully  understands the importance of the safety and security of funds and have many reliable and practical ways to do so.

6, frequently asked questions and answers

Q: There are many excellent deeds and auras in the Chinese Warren Buffett . The is  well-known public figures.  Everybody  could and will check him  online. At the same time, there are so much negative reports on the Internet are overwhelming. How do we believe in you and are not afraid.A: The excellent deeds and aura of the Internet are my honor, pride, and the extraordinary performance of my ability. A person can not just blow, flicker can reach this peak and realm, it is because people are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of strong, people are Being famous is risky. The malicious and negative reports on the Internet are completely fabricated by the Ontario government and courts. There is no factual basis. Everyone should use their own minds to think independently based on these reports, and get useful things and great use from them. Correctly use and use Tang Yin for the benefit of himself and his family and the community. Because of Tang’s experience, investors have less risk. There are three risks in investment. First, it is itself, the investors themselves, the second is the market, The Chinese Warren Buffett grasps and grasps the market, controls the degree of risk, and thirdly, the risks of securities companies, lawyers and courts, the last person Risks are generally ignored, powerless, and thought to be protection. How to deal with and prevent securities, lawyers and courts are Tang’s specialty and another unique.2. Online coverage of Chinese Buffett investors suffered heavy losses, how do you resolve?In 2008, the financial tsunami was caused by natural disasters and man-made disasters that were not encountered in a hundred years. It was not caused by  the Chinese Warren Buffett.  Weizhen Tang does not want to a scapegoat. The investors all over the world suffered huge losses at that time . Even Warren  Buffett’s stock price was also lost half   and his investors lost 50%. When I saw the financial crisis coming, I was prepared.  My investors and I actually escaped that market catastrophe and ready to take off.

My  investors  invested in me 30 million Canadian Dollars in the year  and they withdrew    30 million dollars , we did not have any loss. At the beginning of 2009, we spent  1 million US dollars on foreign exchange for 5 weeks, I made 5 million dollars profit. It is an open secret, investors knew it, OSC knew and the court so do the media.

At the same time,  I had a public demonstration of 1 million US dollars  in  the first day of the New Year’s Day in the downtown Toronto office, I won the open flag and made $310,000 , the second day of foreign exchange earned 200,000 again, when I saw the oil price dropped like  a stone, I went to catch a falling knife from the sky, I lost $300,000, I made $300,000  in the third day public demonstration , starting with one million funds I made a maximum of 490,000 profit in three days. Because of the huge market pressure, the fear of investors and various factors, my public demonstration became a feat, which led to more uneasiness and investors run on me.

Later, I was honest with investors. With my own house loan of 200,000 as a seed fund, earning 50,000 in three days has won the trust of investors. When it comes to great achievements, the securities will not hesitate to put us to death. As a result, the loss of the investor and the loss of the money, despite this, Weizhen Tang insisted on the investor, the situation must be overturned, I will recapture the loss, give investors a world-famous, satisfactory answer.

3. Ontario Securities Commission and courts, online saying that Chinese Buffett is a convicted fraudster, fraud, how do you defend the  Ontario Securities Commission  and the court

Ontario Securities Commission and courts have manufacturer  a huge false and wrong case, because I am the most well-known Chinese financial entrepreneur, known as the Chinese Warren Buffett  and the “Chinese symbol” of international finance, is a big target and huge wealth for the securities commission and the court.  One of the biggest Chinese target and richest , it is a feast  for them to attack.

The Ontario Securities Commissions and its staff  do not understand financial business and don’t understand finance. They are a train, railroader  and a bulldozer.  To them as long as a well-known Chinese businessmen like me is crushed to death by its institutional trains and bulldozers, they will achieve their goals, it has nothing to do with the court fairness and justice, it is a trick to deceive people, the trick of our Western society.

Many people wrongfully believe and respect  Western justice. Judges and lawyers are  evil people and the real liar and fraudsters. Their purpose is to defraud Weizhen Tang’s reputation,  our investors’ money, they are robbery, robbers, lawless real criminals, and impunity.

4. With so many negative news and reports on the Internet, who dares to do business with you?

Doing business is not easy , it requires vision and courage. Most people have no business minds, no vision, more people have no courage.

I only need  one individual who has vision and courage to start .

I don’t worry, I have patience, and my natural talent and skills what people really need and utilized  one day and somewhere .

5. Many people say that The Chinese Warren Buffett proposed a return on investment of 1% per week. 52% of the year is a fantasy.

OSC made  people It must be a lie, it is High-risk risks.  The Chinese Warren Buffett  must have suffered a lot in 2009. How do you explain it to everyone?


Answer:  The investment of ordinary people not only has no return, but also has great risks because of OSC and the court.  People Invest  in real estate and in stocks  to earn 50% a year is a fantasy.   90% of business and investment could not make 10 % for a long time.

What Most investors need is to find the right people they need and find the right investment. I told every investors at the outset that there are a few attractive investment with target return.

One investing  is to make returns. It doesn’t make sense to invest without return. I would tell you how much I can make and investors could make, but no guarantee . As for whether what I said or proposed is true or not, investors can do due diligent and can verify .

I have achieved this high level and  the ability from the beginning of the short-term investment of mutual funds in the first year, I attracted  more than one hundred investors. manged  4 million funds which caused a sensation in Toronto.

Later, I studied and practiced stocks and options, futures and commodities. It is easier to achieve 1% per week for futures and foreign exchange. My big investment client has been with me for more than 20 years, and there are also senior successful investors who have been in China’s stock market for more than 20 years became a billionaire. His family and he saw me in real-time and on-the-spot transactions, and some American investors made a special trip to Toronto to investigate and watch  me from morning to the evening .  That was from January 22 to February 4, the investment  went up for 9 consecutive days from $278,000 to $1,900. 000. It is documented and evidenced by transaction records and court records of banks and investment companies.  People would ask me why I didn’t  keep  do it . The answer is that I was doing an extraordinary move,  positioning my self and wanted to do a  large-scale financial trading  and playing popularity game,  I was waiting for the best opportunity in 2009, not frequent day trading. I wanted  to  raise  hundreds of millions, billions, and billions of dollars  to trade in the hands  in no time so  the trading world is mine and our investors’.

Once OSC find me ,  the securities commission tried to kill me in the bud, defame me, destroy my reputation and my great power. OSC still keep slander my name.

6. How do you be responsible for hundreds of investors, even the securities commission and courts destroy you and your business, how can you bear investors  losses?

A:  As I said that there are three major risks in investment.

One is the investors themselves,

the other is the market,  last not the least is the government, OSC  and the courts. I have been struggling all these for  decades and I have first passed the investor’s test . The test of the markets  and then it is the government, especially OSC and the court. This is very difficult. People don’t even think about it. I don’t only thought but also did  it.

Only a very small number of people can reach this level that is  less than 1%. Investors and businessmen can achieve it by  picking one of the best  and pick people. Because I can reach so many levels, it is very easy to make money. I don’t want ordinary people to invest with me , I only need people who have tens of millions, hundreds of millions, and  billions , all I need is a small number out side of Canada and Ontario . Please wait and see.Seventh,

My contact information:The Chinese Warren Buffett Investment and Information Consulting Company

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