The “Chinese Warren Buffett is published in London, England,the benefit of studying “Chinese Warren Buffett”

The “Chinese Warren Buffett is published in London, England,the benefit of studying “Chinese Warren Buffett”

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I hope you don’t mind the direct approach. We were given your details by Weizhan Tang. We just wanted to let you know that we have published his book The Chinese Warren Buffett. There is no need to respond to this email we just wanted to let you know that the book has been released is can be purchased directly from our website at a 30% discount Or though Amazon. If you are able to help us with the promotion of the book then please contact me


The Chinese Warren Buffett – Weizhen Tang

Paperback ISBN 9781788481427 RRP: £11.99 RRP: $17.95
Hardback ISBN 9781788481328 RRP: £15.99 RRP: $21.95
Kindle Ebook ISBN 9781788481335 RRP: £3.50 RRP: $7.95


The Chinese Warren Buffett is about people and money, the power to advance our financial life and wealth and to take Warren Buffett as role model to lead people rich and poor and to better our society and the world. People need to know how to invest in people you know and trust.

When asked about the inspiration behind his book, he says: “People always asked me the same questions in the area of finance and investment and about myself, it took my time and energy and not efficient, by writing a book, it saved my time and energy and help more people and society, it works very well and efficient. The Book is a record, a tool and weapon to better the World.”

Weizhen Tang first started a professional career in biological research and teaching. After coming to North America in the early 1990s, he chose the financial industry and the investment business as his new career. Today, he has become so successful in the market that he is nicknamed the “Chinese Buffett” or the “Chinese Soros”, and is widely honored as a financial genius, armed with profound theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience. Tang is also a social activist. He is the founder of many prominent associations in North America and is renowned in the Canadian-Chinese community for his philanthropy, enthusiasm, and generosity towards new immigrants.

The Chinese Warren Buffett by Weizhen Tang will be published on 31st May 2018 and is available and

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What is the benefit of studying Warren Buffett or Chinese Warren Buffett? Many people in the world study one of the World Greatest and Richest Warren Buffett, and many people invest in Warren Buffett. The people who study Buffett and try to do themselves have basically failed. Everyone who invests in Warren Buffett is successful. Buffett is one of the richest people in the world, sitting hundreds of billions. The long-term investment in him  is also tens of billionaires. I also want to be one of the richest people in the world, to have thousands of  billions under management,
To study me , the  first step  is it possible? The second step is to turn the possibility into reality, invest in the Chinese Warren Buffett, you will have hundreds or  thousands of billions, right? People look at me the toss every day, thinking that I am doing the final struggle, I can’t.
In fact, I have accumulated a wealth of experience and great wealth, just waiting for people to pick and benefit from my experience and expertise. How to study  Weizhen Tang ? I have prepared a lot of useful and valuable materials for everyone, there are books I have written myself published by Chinese State Own Publishing House , the Chinese State publishing house Economic Daily  Press in China and London publisher , England, I have others’  comments and review of my book and special report on me, There are records of the Bank and brokerage firm and court transcript for many years. Whoever I am, you only need to pay attention to it, do your research and observation you will know and invest.
OSC charged me wrongfully and convicted me maliciously because I am a Chinese and they do not want somebody Chinese being powerful like Warren Buffett.
How can the court convict somebody in Canada without lawyer and independent, unbiased expert opinion in the court?

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