From beating Chinese to being grateful to China, the Italians changed 180 degrees!

From beating Chinese to being grateful to China, the Italians changed 180 degrees!

 2020-03-13 08:59

From “Chinese people eat bats, disgusting!” To “We must thank them now.” This new crown pneumonia epidemic in early 2020 has allowed the author to witness the change in attitudes of ordinary Italians towards Chinese and Chinese.

Due to the immigration of parents, I settled in Italy with my family when I was younger. I remember that when I first arrived in Milan, Chinese people basically lived in Chinatown. In order to allow the author to quickly integrate into the local life, I chose to live In the Italian community, the school of choice is also an environment with few Chinese.

Since there are fewer Chinese in the selected area, the Italians regard us as a treasure of the community. Everywhere I go, I think it is as precious as seeing a panda. Wait, the police officer who belongs to the community will smile and deal with us very efficiently.

At school, as the only Chinese in the entire grade, the author also enjoys meticulous care, from classmates to teachers, and even the principal. At that time, the writer faced the kind faces and felt good about this country.

Over time, the number of Chinese people began to grow rapidly. Italian restaurants are full of Chinese restaurants, Chinese department stores, and so on. Due to differences in business philosophy, most Chinese dishes and products are cheap and low-cost. Advantages of entering the market. So the Italians began to plant the idea: Chinese = cheap = low-grade.

Once this kind of thinking is formed, for example, in school, when Chinese classmates come to the party with delicious Chinese food, the Italians will praise the deliciousness of Chinese food, but do not think it is a high-grade dish, and the Italian classmates hold a simple Italian desserts, however, will be placed in the most prominent position on the table as a symbol of high-end.

At work, the hard-working nature of the Chinese people will make Italian colleagues look at them. The Chinese are easy-going and harmonious with others. They often become good people in the team, but over time, they will be bullied by some lazy and sly Italians. If you don’t lose your temper, it will be regarded as a good bully. If you lose your temper, it will cause public opinion that “you Chinese have a bad attitude.”

With the increase in the number of immigrants, the attitudes of staff of government agencies, police stations and other relevant departments will gradually deteriorate and become impatient. Due to the large differences in language, most Chinese people are slower to learn Italian than other foreigners, and their pronunciation is inaccurate. They are often treated badly by staff during the process.

The famous Italian funny shows often use Chinese products to ridicule, and ridicule that the quality of something is not good, it will add “because this is made in China”.

The examples above are endless. Since about 2005, many Italians have become impatient, disgusting, or even discriminating against the Chinese …

The writer sometimes looks at the behavior of a small number of people with low quality, and there is also a little speechless. After all, it is on the territory of other countries. His words and deeds not only represent his own personal image, but also the image of the country. But stubborn Italians will not know how to analyze and discriminate like we do. They will group all Chinese people together. In the face of many people in recent years who care about high consumption and quality behavior, they will be paranoid that they are Koreans or The Japanese, even if they really understand the facts, will only add the phrase “only rich Chinese talents will do this.” As the author of the luxury goods industry all the year round, the most common Italian attitude is “Chinese are cash machines”.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic that swept the world in early 2020 is changing the attitude of Italians in just a few months.

At first, many Italians imposed the source of the virus on every Chinese person like the wind, and the Chinese old man was beaten with a mask. Chinese walking on the road will be accused of “virus”. An interview from a TV station blatantly stated that “the virus will be infected in China because their medical treatment is not advanced.” The Italian friends around me phoned one by one to console and care, seemingly very warm, but some Italians really care about us not to meet them in the near future (although only a few people).

On Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, some ignorant young people in Italy made comments such as “Chinese eat dog meat, eat mice, eat bats now! Disgusting” and so on. Although some rational voices in the drop-down comments explained: “There are still people who eat raw fish, raw oysters, and brains … Every country has its own culture”, but it will soon be overwhelmed by words of discrimination and abuse.

The mayor of Sodocolina, in the province of Bergamo in northern Italy, Mauriziodis, on his Facebook account, used very rude words to insult the Chinese and said that “they (the Chinese) should die!” And Added 5 exclamation points at the end. Serious discrimination is beginning to worsen.

Recently, with the peak of new crown pneumonia virus infection in Italy, many neighboring countries in Europe have gradually become nervous. Due to the unobstructed traffic conditions in the European Union, neighboring countries have begun to attribute Italians to infected people, and colored glasses have also become popular in Europe. The Italians bear the brunt of being “discriminated”.

First and foremost is France, which often compares with Italy and is uncomfortable with each other. In the advertisement of a French entertainment channel (canal +): a pizza master is baking pizza, but he suddenly starts coughing and spit a thick green sputum in the pizza On the close-up of the last baked pizza, with the caption title “corona pizze” (new crown virus pizza), with green, white and red font, that is, the color of the Italian flag, the narration is unbridled saying “new crown virus pizza, New Italian pizzas to be distributed around the world. ” The video starkly expressed the French TV’s mockery of Italy.

Suddenly, the Italians couldn’t sit still. The Italian Minister of Agriculture strongly demanded that the French side apologize, saying that France was not satire, but degraded the entire country. Foreign Minister Di Maio also said “unacceptable, this is disrespect to the Italians.”

This insult has been pushed by others. At this point, some Italians have begun to wake up and began to examine their previous attitudes towards the Chinese. On Twitter, some Italian netizens left a message:

“Did we not do the same thing to the Chinese restaurant? Brain damage.”

“After doing so many years of intolerance to others, it’s sad for us now, right?”

“After that, we should apologize to the Chinese people. If they allow it, because we are a ridiculous nation and country without minimal dignity and national pride.”

Earlier on a video website, an Italian man said in the video that his sister was infected, but without a hospital and a bed, he was always staying at home, no one answered when he called for help, and his sister’s breathing became increasingly difficult. The lungs were full of mucus. The Italian ventilator was as precious as gold. The man took the risk of being infected with artificial respiration for his sister, but the effect was minimal. He desperately said in the video, “No one calls me back. We played and Italy gave us up. “

In this case, it was China that extended a helping hand to Italy. On the afternoon of March 11, two experts from the West China Hospital of Sichuan University flew to Italy along with the volunteer team of the Chinese Red Cross, and brought relevant humanitarian relief supplies to support Italy in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Facing the Chinese medical team’s assistance to Italy, Italian Foreign Minister Di Mayo expressed his gratitude to China in an interview with Italian National TV: In difficult times, we helped each other, and now they give us back with the same solidarity. The Italian Daily, Italian mediaset TV and other media have also started to report positively. “The Chinese are here. The state-of-the-art medical team brought me medical supplies. The experienced team is here. About 1,000 ventilators are in use. “

On social media, the attitude of Italian netizens is more direct, and some people reflect on previous discriminatory attitudes: “Think of those who come to help us are the ones we have offended for a long time,” “We insult and beat them, they said, let We learn “,” To the Chinese five bodies, Italy accused them of everything, but they saved the Italians with full respect. “

Some people also compare the attitudes of the United States and its European neighbors with China: “American soldiers” and “Chinese doctors”. “Let us remember who is helping us now, let us remember this.”

“Let’s see if there are still many people who have the courage to discriminate against them, and we must now thank them.”

“I still feel very relieved to go to the Chinese people to buy things, and even went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner two weeks ago. They are as amiable as ever, humble and smiling, never a lack of great people.”

“After these are over, we have to remember.”

A few days ago, the Italian ambassador to the EU published a signed article on the U.S. Political News website, complaining that no EU country had responded to the European Commission’s appeal (helping Italy), and only China had responded bilaterally. It is hoped that this experience of China and Italy joining hands in fighting the epidemic will bring about a fundamental change in Italian attitudes towards China and the Chinese.

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意大利著名的搞笑节目经常会拿中国产品进行调侃,讽刺某东西质量不好,就会加上“因为这是made in China”。








首当其冲就是与意大利经常互相攀比并且互看不爽的法国,法国某娱乐频道(canal+)的广告中:一名披萨师傅正在烤制披萨,但他突然开始咳嗽,并且吐了一口绿色的浓痰在披萨上,最后烤出来的披萨特写,配上字幕标题“corona pizze”(新冠病毒披萨),配上绿白红颜色的字体,也就是意大利国旗的颜色,旁白更是肆无忌惮的说“新冠病毒披萨,将在世界各地流通的新型意大利披萨”。视频赤裸裸地表达了这家法国电视台对意大利的嘲笑。


















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