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Weizhen Tang's Life Time Trading Performance

1.      I started to trade no-load mutual funds with TD Bank 1993 and invested loaded mutual funds in a brokerage and made 30% in both places and sold everything  in Feb. 1994 before the global equality market corrected.    I started to trade no-load mutual funds with TD Bank for my Toronto hospital network colleagues and their friends and gained over 30% annually and made over one million dollars for 100 of clients, which made me very confident in the financial market.

2.      When I was not allowed or restricted to trade no-load mutual funds by banks, I traded stocks for about 16 investors and I lost 50% or more during the bear market in 1997 and 1998 because stock market and stocks were so volatile the risks are not controllable and I promised to make their money back, if not I would take the all their risks or loss. When the market came back from 1998 to the year 2000 I made 100% or 1000 % return for those investors and made up all the loss.

3.      After years’ study and practice, I found the market theory of 1%, one percent volatile in a day or week, I could make 1% average a week so I went to raise funds to a mass volume ,I raised  59 million dollars in three years by real time demonstration of my trading ability of currencies and equality indexes such as DOW JONES INDEX and Nasdaq Index,  such example of  starting from  Jan 22 , 2008  with US $ 279772.62Jan 23  it grew to US $378296.68Jan. 24 to $650819.83Jan 25 to  US $715075.85Jan. 26 and 27 were the weekend,  continued on  Jan. 28 the balance was  US $872902.05Jan 29 went to US$970690.52Jan 30  the balance was  US $ 1198688.77Jan 31 was US $1499557.57Feb. 1 was the final balance  US $ 1902345.51 for that demonstration, what was more important is that the trading was conducted under the witness of my two lovely investors.  

4.      The other starling performance was within one week before and after the North American Overseas Chinese Wealth Submit in February of 2009, my clients from China and US were amazed to see me trading in the market and reaping gigantic profits, successively growing one million dollars to a 2.1 million profit in eight days. Even in the chaotic and stressful situation, I still managed to grow one million dollars to six millions in six weeks, with an average weekly return rate of one million dollars. What an amazing accomplishment that was!

5.      Over hundreds of Investors who believed me and trusted me because of my investment theory and practice of 1% weekly return and risks, they all read my book “ the Chinese Warren Buffett” which are published both in English and Chinese and available online.

6.      I did not lose much in 1997 during Asia financial Crises.

7.      I did not lose much money in the year 2000 when Nasdaq Crashed

8.      I did not lose money during the 2008 and 2009 North American Financial Tsunami. When I was positioned to raise billion dollars and took off, the Financial Tsunami and Ontario Securities Commission aborted  my success and rise to the top.

9.      I made 400% during global covid-19 pandemic in four months by ETFs, SQQQ, TQQQ, SCO and UCO since Feb. 20 to August.  

10.  The good news is that I am back in business with a powerful tool and confidence, We trade US equality market index ETFs such as QQQ, SPY and DIA and their counterpart PSQ, SH and DOG.   I have a very good financial project and make you average 1% a week by trading US index ETFs and investors have their money in their own account so they have the safety and control of their capital and I manage their investment return. There is no charge if no profit.

You can find any where and anybody who could help you, investors need to find my vision, my experience and performance in the financial markets.
How could Weizhen Tang trade $1 M index and FX futures live stream ... via @YouTube

Global News Interviewed The Chinese Warren Buffett

Global News Interviewed The Chinese Warren Buffett and the King of 1 % weekly



The Book "Chinese Warren Buffett" is about How to make you a millionaire

”我的巴菲特财富之路“一书带您走向财富顶峰 The Book "Chinese Warren Buffett" is about How to make you a millionaire

1% Weekly Return on your money

We do not ask, take and control your money, you have safety, total control and steady 1% weekly return




我怎么为富人工作,用钱赚钱,让美国市场,美国人为我们工作,站在美国人肩膀上,骑在美国人头上 帮助别人成就自己

North American Financial Market Trading 1% Weekly Return Training and Trading Demonstration class

1. How to overcome greed and fear to earn a 1% return each week. 2. Why most people fail to profit from trading, and why investors should act collectively and trade together. 3. Why Tang Weizhen provides training and demonstrations, revealing the secrets and techniques of the "Dragon Technique" that can yield a 1% return each week, enabling everyone to make profits. 4. What is The pursuit of investors and the highest realm of investment.

  • One free visit per person.
  • Group classes: $25 CAD per person per hour.
  • Individual instruction and exchange: $100 CAD per hour.
  • Currently, live broadcasts and videos are free.
  • There will be a lecture and interactive activity each weekend.
  • Full course for one month: $5000 CAD, or investment above $100,000, with the first month’s return serving as the tuition fee.
  • Long-term participants and continuous investment will receive a 25% return as a company reward.
  • After completing the training, if investors fail to achieve a weekly return of 1% or more and are unsatisfied, a full refund will be provided.

    Each person is entitled to one free visit. Group classes are $25 CAD per person per hour, and individual instruction and exchange are $100 CAD per hour.

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